To better serve the constantly evolving energy landscape, Golden Pass Pipeline is constructing new facilities that allow for bi-directional flow of gas on the pipeline.

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The 69-mile Golden Pass Pipeline began service in 2010, transporting imported natural gas to connected interstate pipeline systems and northern U.S. markets. Since that time, the energy market has changed. To better serve the constantly evolving energy landscape, Golden Pass Pipeline applied for and has received authorization from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to construct new facilities that allow for bi-directional flow of gas on the pipeline.

The expansion upgrades will include adding compressor stations at strategic locations, the addition of bidirectional interconnects and the system will convert from a primary northbound flow to a primary southbound flow with bidirectional capabilities via backhaul. These upgrades will connect Golden Pass Pipeline to a variety of natural gas supply sources, storage and multiple intrastate and interstate pipeline systems, contributing to the export of natural gas to power the world.


At Golden Pass Pipeline, safety is a core value and is reflected in all our operations. Safety is important to Golden Pass because we work and live in the Golden Triangle, and our families and friends do as well. High industry standards of operation and maintenance – as well as government regulations— are continuously met, keeping everyone safe.

Golden Pass Pipeline is committed to operating a safe and reliable pipeline system. An important part of this commitment is increasing public awareness and knowledge about pipeline safety.

Locating Pipelines

If you look closely along highways, roads, public servitudes, and right-of-ways, you are likely to notice various above-ground markers. Yellow markers usually indicate a pipeline system that carries either gas or liquid materials. Pipeline markers indicate the approximate location of pipelines and can include the name of the pipeline operator, the substance in the pipeline, warnings signs, aerial patrol markers, casing vents, and 24-hour emergency contact information.

If you notice pipeline markers in your neighborhood, write down the name and phone number of the pipeline company listed on the marker in case of an emergency. To identify pipeline operators in your area, visit the National Pipeline Mapping System at www.npms.phmsa.dot.gov

Recognizing a Leak

Natural gas is an odorless, colorless, non-toxic substance, but can be highly flammable if subjected to an ignition source. Below are signs that a natural gas pipeline is leaking.

By Sight

  • Dust, water or vegetation blowing around a pipeline
  • Discolored or dead vegetation near a pipeline
  • Bubbling in a wet area
  • Flames, if the leak has ignited

By Sound

  • Blowing, hissing or roaring sound caused by escaping gas

Know what to do if a leak occurs

Any pipeline leak can be potentially dangerous, so it’s very important to follow these steps:

  1. Leave the leak area on foot immediately.
  2. Do not touch, breathe or make contact with leaking liquids or gases.
  3. Do not light a match, start an engine, use a telephone or light switch, or do anything that may create a spark.
  4. Do not attempt to operate any valves on a pipeline – this could make the situation worse.
  5. From a safe location, call 911, your local emergency response number or the pipeline company.
  6. The Golden Pass Pipeline 24-hour emergency telephone number is (877) 477-5564.
  7. Warn others to stay away from the leak.

Market Access

Golden Pass Pipeline connects to multiple intrastate and interstate pipeline systems providing access to a variety of supply sources and transportation to southeastern markets.


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